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Copper Powder Isotope (99.999) Ultra Fine

Copper Powder Isotope (99.999) Ultra Fine

Product Details:


Price And Quantity

  • 10 Kilograms

Trade Information

  • 100 Kilograms Per Month
  • 4-5 Days

Product Description

Copper Powder Isotope 99999 Ultra Fine

  • Purity 99999 purity level indicating an extremely high degree of copper isotopic purity
  • Physical Form Copper powder in ultrafine particle size typically with particle diameters in the nanometer or micrometer range
  • Isotopic Composition Copper isotopes have varying masses and the 99999 purity refers to the abundance of a specific isotope usually copper63 or copper65 in the copper powder
  • Applications Copper isotopes with high purity and ultrafine particle size find applications in various fields including nuclear research medical diagnostics isotopic labeling and specialized electronic components
  • Production Method Copper powder isotope is typically produced through processes like electrolysis chemical reduction or gasphase condensation to achieve the desired isotopic composition and particle size
  • Color The color of copper powder isotope can vary depending on the specific production method and particle size but it often appears as a reddishbrown or grayish powder
  • Chemical Properties Copper powder isotope shares similar chemical properties to natural copper but its isotopic composition may be specifically chosen for certain applications due to unique nuclear and electronic properties
  • UltraFine Particle Size The ultrafine particle size of copper powder isotope allows for enhanced surface area and reactivity making it useful for specific applications requiring high surfacetovolume ratios
  • Isotopic Labeling Copper powder isotope with high purity is used as a tracer or marker in various scientific and industrial applications to study processes and track specific reactions
  • Nuclear Applications The high purity of copper powder isotope makes it valuable in nuclear research isotope production and as a neutron absorber in specialized nuclear reactors
  • Medical Diagnostics Copper isotopes are used in positron emission tomography PET scans for medical imaging and diagnostics
  • Electronics Ultrafine copper powder isotopes may be utilized in advanced electronic components sensors and highperformance conductive inks
  • Handling Precautions Due to the high purity and potential reactivity of copper powder isotope it should be handled with care following appropriate safety guidelines
  • Packaging Copper powder isotope is typically packaged in sealed containers or vials to prevent contamination and maintain its purity during storage and transportation
  • Storage Proper storage conditions are essential to prevent oxidation and maintain the isotopic purity and reactivity of copper powder isotope
  • Price Copper powder isotope 99999 ultrafine is a specialized product and its price can vary depending on factors like demand availability and production costs

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