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Parafin Wax

Parafin Wax

Product Details:


Price And Quantity

  • 10 Kilograms

Trade Information

  • 100 Kilograms Per Month
  • 4-5 Days

Product Description

  • Composition Paraffin or Kerosene is a hydrocarbonbased fuel primarily composed of alkanes with carbon chain lengths typically ranging from 10 to 16 carbon atoms
  • Color and Appearance Paraffin or Kerosene is a clear colorless liquid with a faint characteristic odor
  • Density It has a density ranging from approximately 780 to 820 kgm depending on the specific grade and source
  • Boiling Point Paraffin or Kerosene has a boiling point range of approximately 150C to 300C 302F to 572F
  • Flash Point The flash point of Paraffin or Kerosene is generally higher than gasoline making it less volatile and safer to handle
  • Applications Paraffin or Kerosene has various applications including as a fuel for lamps space heaters stoves and certain jet engines aviation fuel
  • Heating Fuel It is commonly used as a heating fuel in portable kerosene heaters and residential heating systems
  • Lighting Paraffin or Kerosene is used in kerosene lamps for indoor and outdoor lighting in areas without electricity
  • Jet Fuel A specific grade known as Jet A is used as aviation fuel in commercial jet aircraft
  • Transportation Paraffin or Kerosene is transported in bulk via pipelines and tankers and is available in retail quantities in cans and containers
  • Safety Proper handling and storage are essential due to the flammable nature of Paraffin or Kerosene It should be kept away from open flames and heat sources
  • Environmental Impact When used as intended in properly maintained equipment Paraffin or Kerosene combustion produces fewer emissions compared to other fuels but it still releases carbon dioxide CO2 and air pollutants
  • Regulations Paraffin or Kerosene is subject to regulations and standards to ensure safety and quality in its production transportation and use
  • Alternatives In some regions alternative heating and lighting options such as electricity or natural gas are becoming more prevalent due to their cleaner and more convenient characteristics
  • Always follow safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer and local regulations when using Paraffin or Kerosene for heating lighting or other applications Proper storage handling and ventilation are important to prevent accidents and ensure safe use

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